Huub Maas
Architect, sculptor,draughtsman, writer.

"We can only understand a world we have created our self.(F. Nietzsche)"

Out there,beyond the world we can see, is the immeasurable, mysterious, chaotic, infinitely varied, incomprehensible world.
We are born into this world, we have to live in it.
To live in it we have to make a home; to feel at home we have to build a home around us
as a skin connecting us with and protecting us from the world we are born into, the Aweful All.
To be not alone I will share my world with you.
To be with you I need to recognise me in you and you in me.
I have to get inside you to feel as you feel.
I need to recreate you and let you be yourself in what is our world.
So I remake your image, I carve
your face as best I can
and hope it is like you :alive.
Images I can not carve I draw
to show you all of my world, to make our world complete.
To be not alone I want to talk to you
connect with you in words, to be no longer lost and alone,
but with you in what we both recognise as our world.
So I write.

Many times the outcome of what I do is more like a protective skin to shield me.
Even then it must also be an invitation to touch,
to connect ,so that we are not alone in the Aweful All,
the world we are born into.

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts
Statement Galery Napier
Hawke's Bay Woodturners Guild
Affordable Artshow

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